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Below are some of the reasons business managers prefer the VoIP system.
Advanced reporting and analytics
Click to call
Log-ins from any device
Video conferencing
Instant messaging
Internet fax

The best VoIP phone service also features additional virtual phone lines so that it is compatible with smartphones, making it an even more attractive solution for business owners.

VoIP comes in three varieties (shown below):

Hosted VoIP– This option allows a third party to host all of your voice services. This can lower your cost significantly because you do not have to house or buy the equipment yourself.

On-premise VoIP– This type of VoIP system allows you to install your own system on your property using SIP technology (session initiation protocol).

Virtual VoIP– A virtual system allows you to use your smartphone or any other kind of phone to route your calls. If you have a team of remote workers that you need to be involved in your conference call, you can route the phone calls to wherever you need to. This type of VoIP system is less expensive and highly mobile, making it the best pick for business managers.

business communications

VoIP Costs

The cost of VoIP phone service may surprise you. It is comparable to Skype and very affordable for business managers and owners. At only around $5-$35 per user per month, you can set up an entire network for your business that has every feature you need and want at a fraction of the cost of PBX or other types of systems.

The startup costs are usually free so you don’t have to pay for this, especially if you are setting up a virtual phone system. Business managers with remote creative teams or others they need to collaborate with are wise to choose this type of system because it includes everything you need at a reasonable cost with no installation fees in most cases.

The only extra costs you will encounter are if you intend to install a physical phone system in addition to your virtual smartphone system. Some business owners prefer to invest in their own system and have it installed on premises, as well as to integrate and include physical phone hardware. If you do this, your cost may be a little more. But many business owners still prefer it and they will adjust their budget to include creating their own system using VoIP software and hardware.