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Investment Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate, Arenal Monteverde and Guanacaste Properties
This property is for sale - a Monteverde hotel and wildlife refuge with views of Arenal

We specialize in connecting entrepreneurs and Costa Rica business owners with like-minded investors interested in participating in business partnerships. Commercial real estate ventures, land for sale and eco-tourism businesses that are already operating or under development.

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Family Rainforest Lodge
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Monteverde Hotel for Sale
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Sustainable environmental business investments in Costa Rica eco-tourism are a large portion of the economy of Costa Rica.  Some businesses are for sale and others are seeking investment partners.

At a time when tourism to Costa Rica is outpacing hotel and infrastructure growth, eco-tourism business properties for sale are growing in demand and value.

Many businesses are small lodges or family run hotels and tourist activities. Eco-tourism implies gentle use of the land and preservation of the Earth and its environment. Costa Rica is an ideal place for "mom-n-pop" small business ! Some of these business owners are looking for investment capital to expand operations, and some want hard working partners for hands-on participation in operating the hotel or lodge.

Costa Rica Real Estate - Small Businesses for Sale

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The unique tropical forests, beaches, and National Parks of Costa Rica are the fastest growing area of tourism properties. Land for sale and business investments are on the rise. In comparison with the US, Costa Rica real estate values are a wise investment with tremendous potential for growth in commercial property values. See our small business market analysis for more information on ecotourism businesses and real estate values in Costa Rica.

Investment Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate, Arenal Monteverde and Guanacaste Properties Over the past few years, the infrastructure of the once remote Guanacaste Mountains region has improved dramatically.  

The new international airport in Liberia Guanacaste Province allows travelers to reach their destinations in Guancaste within a few hours. The Tempisque Bridge has cut driving time to the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste by hours.

Although the timeframe for construction is uncertain, the government has approved the southern city of Palmar as the site of the next major International airport. Real estate values in the southern zone are already on the rise.

Hotel Business for Sale Costa Rica

EcoTourism Business in Monteverde Arenal Region

Monteverde Cloudforest Preserve with Guest Cabins for sale with Panoramic views of Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal. This business is looking for a partner to invest in increased business operations.

The Monteverde Cloudforest region is perhaps the most famous tourist destination in the country. There are many well established eco-tourism businesses in the area. Investing in a business that is already in operation can save several years of searching for real estate, planning, permits and construction costs.
Cabins & Hotel for Sale in Monteverde Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloudforest Cabins

Costa Rica Small Business Looking for Partner

Investment Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate, Arenal Monteverde and Guanacaste Properties
Beautiful Waterfalls !!  Eco-Tourism Kids' Camp
This Family Rainforest Lodge is looking for a hands on business partner to help with construction of family cabins and development of the children's rainforest camp activities.

Located in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica's true rainforest in the Osa Conservation Area, this lodge is still in the design and planning stages, with waterfalls and a kids' rainforest exploration theme.

On 130 acres of primary rainforest near Piedras Blancas National Park, this eco-tourism business partnership for sale will cater to family vacations, with fun for parents and kids.

Large Acreage Land for Sale in Guanacaste Province

Located in the rolling hills of the Nicoya Peninsula Guancaste highlands, this real estate property for sale is uniquely placed amongst some of the rarest eco-systems of Costa Rica.

Excellent location for an eco-tourism business between two large National Parks.

Ideal for any serious investment land development: hotel resort, gated community or an eco-tourist project. Its land topography will also make possible the installation of canopy tour, rappel or suspension-bridge facilities. A beautiful limestone cavern is just another plus.
Investment Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate Guanacaste Province
Tempisque Bridge - Nicoya Peninsula Guanacaste

Costa Rica Business Properties - Small Businesses Looking for Partners
Real Estate Offices in Guanacaste, San Jose, Monteverde and Palmar Sur Costa Rica

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